Infants and Toddlers

6 weeks to 18-24 months
  • Class Information

    Maximum 14 children
    This room will hold a maximum of 14 children. 
    Our infants are immersed in engaging experiences designed to promote motor and sensory interaction. Planned activities invite them to explore and play, which foster curiosity, persistence, creativity and problem solving.
    When your baby is playing, your little one is also learning. We’ve created play-based activities based on the 5 components of brain development. Each activity is designed for a specific learning purpose.

    Academic Success

    • Rolling, crawling and pulling themselves up to explore their environment, which demonstrate executive function skills
    • Beginning to pay attention to people and things by watching, listening and responding to them
    • Using their senses to investigate the world around them
    • Repeatedly performing an action and attempting to achieve the same outcome demonstrate persistence, which is a hallmark of critical-thinking skills

    Life Lessons

    • Developing communication skills by reacting to, recognizing and responding to verbal language
    • Making simple vocal sounds and movements to express themselves
    • Vocalizing, babbling and forming consonant and vowel combinations
    • Using fine motor skills and hand movements to hold and manipulate objects intentionally

    Social Development

    • Calming and comforting themselves when supported by a parent or caregiver, which demonstrate the development of social-emotional intelligence
    • Responding to and engaging in caretaking routines with a familiar adult
    • Forming and maintaining a secure attachment to a parent or caregiver
    • Attempting new and varied movements in the first steps classroom, including walking across the room, walking backward and marching

    Our infant program guides your baby’s early experiences toward a lifelong love of learning.